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November 25th - 26th
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Nintendo Promo web with Mario hero concept

Nintendo at GXI

Nintendo are officially supporting Games Expo Ireland 2017. Fans will get to experience all that Nintendo have to offer on their new Switch platform in our Nintendo Zone.

We will have the latest Nintendo Switch titles including:

All available for play and to compete against your friends so join us this November for the first event in Ireland that Nintendo are supporting!

Minevention at GXI

MineVention is join GXI this year! We are delighted to announce that if Minecraft is your thing, then this is for you. MineVention will be at GXI this November 25th & 26th and will be running Build battles, costume contests and free giveaways form their very own stage arena. Come join the battles and experience this amazing show.

Schedules for the costume contest & more details on the Build Battles will be posted soon.

Minevention at GXI ver1.1 text

Big Betty is coming to GXI

We are delighted to announce that Big Betty will be coming to GXI this November. This monster truck is the worlds first mobile e-sports platform and will be our main competition stage at GXI this year. It will be open for tours over the weekend also with opportunity for pictures, games and hype!

Experience Zones at GXI

GXI will show you the entire prism of the gaming world in our themed zones. Come try out some new releases in the exhibitor zone. Bring back some old memories and maybe create some new ones in the retro zone. Prove that you’re the very best, like no one ever was in our custom made e-Sports zone. Embrace the love of the game through cosplaying and panels in the fan zone. Maybe you’ll begin a new career or just learn about the worlds you love to explore in our gaming summit.

Whatever part of gaming you love, GXI will have a spot for you.


man plays on the console in racing
man plays on the console

Mobile Gaming

Over 30% of every app made is a game, and the number out there is ever increasing. GXI will have a mobile area for you to have a sneak peak into the future of our ever more powerful pocket friends. Come join us in November and discover the latest in mobile gaming technology.

mario hero with flying dragon

Gaming Cosplay Competition

Thats right. We want to see who has the best cosplay from the gaming world. What characters can be brought to life through your inventions and can you embody that character. Bring your best creations, develop your character and bring to life your cosplay at GXI this year.

mario and company heroes

Family Entertainment & Promotions

There was a time when gaming was for kids- and that time is still now! One of the core aspects of our event is providing family entertainment. From on site sets, to playing popular kid friendly titles, our family zone is sure to be one of the more popular! There will be games to be played, merchandise to get your hands on and much much more.

We are running promotions and online competitions in the lead up to GXI this year so be sure to check out our facebook page for details on how to take part and win!

SNES-mini console Promo
Arcade and Retro game expo text

Retro Gaming at GXI

We are GXI pride ourselves on working with established communities in gaming in Ireland. In that light, our arcade and retro zones have working with us to deliver the nostalgic and amazingly fun retro gaming experience. With setups from the last 30 years of gaming & consoles including Playstation 1, Atari 2600, SNES, NES, Mega Drive, Saturn and gamecube, this is sure to be one of our more popular zones this year. Join us either day with tournaments and casual play available.