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November 25th - 26th
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Exhibitors Info

Wave 1 of Exhibitor Stalls are on sale now, CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE

We have many options for exhibitors at GXI! Whether you are an independent artist who focus on game design, a retailer with the latest gaming hardware and accessories or a large international publisher…we have you all covered! Be warned, stall locations are limited in number in comparison to our partner show, Dublin Comic Con.

Retailer/Artist Stalls at GXI will be released in waves (Wave 1 is for retailers of all goods, Wave 2 is for Independent Artists and Game Related Merch Retailers only, Wave 3 is reserved for publishers)

If you are looking for a custom space/shell scheme then please contact us at exhibitors@gxi.

If you wish to purchase a location in our first wave then please head on over to OUR STORE to purchase your stall online now

Be sure to read our Exhibitor FAQ’s/Policies before purchasing

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